Who can use Proteus? Is there an age limit?
What kinds of data does the Proteus software report?
How big is the Proteus machine?
How much does the Proteus weigh?
What are the power requirements for using the Proteus?
How much WiFi/internet bandwidth do I need?
What handle attachments are available?
Is there a Proteus Mobile App?
What are the installation requirements (how is the Proteus machine secured)?
Do you ship internationally?
Is third party financing available?


What should I train if I have low power rankings?
What is considered too high of a balance score? How do I improve my balance score?
How do I increase my Proteus Score?
What percentage of Balance Score indicates a higher risk for injury?
Can I compare how I stack up against others users like me?
Is the Proteus® System safe to use during post-op rehabilitation?
How long is a typical workout using the Proteus® System?
Will I be sore after using a Proteus machine?
Is using the Proteus® System safe for my joints?
Is using the Proteus® System more effective than a free weight, band, or cable machine?
Does using the Proteus® System replace anything I am currently using?
Can I use the Proteus® System as a tool for weight loss?
Can I do eccentric training on the Proteus® System?
Is the Proteus® System effective for peak power training?
Does it matter which direction I stand when doing movements?
How frequently should I test on the Proteus® System?
How frequently should I train using a Proteus machine?
How is 3D Resistance different from Isokinetic resistance?
What other measurement tools is the Proteus® System most frequently used in conjunction with?
Can’t I basically get the same data from a med ball or IMU?

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