Game Changer

Test and train the way you move in real life.

The new standard for testing and training physical strength and power.

Enhance movement health and performance with the patented assessment and resistance training platform.

Test full body Power, Strength, and Speed in seconds.

Track progress, Compare to others, Get actionable reports with hyper-personalized training recommendations.

Train & Rehabilitate with 3D Resistance

Proteus Invented 3D Resistance™ Training

Training power and acceleration with Proteus’ patented 3D Resistance™ is safer, more efficient, and more effective than traditional resistance training tools.

Used by the world's best trainers and athletes

Bobby Stroupe
Eric Cressey
Jason Walsh

The Proteus System is unlike anything we’ve seen in athletic training. Already it’s made an impact on the ways in which I train my elite athletes but has massive potential to more broadly proliferate the training industry as a whole.

Bobby Stroupe Trainer to Patrick Mahomes

Proteus has been an absolute game-changer for us at Cressey Sports Performance with respect to how we test and train rotational athletes. The word ‘unique’ gets thrown around far too often with respect to fitness innovations, but Proteus truly delivers a one-of-a-kind training stimulus that has had a profound influence on our ability to optimize performance and keep athletes healthy.

Eric Cressey Trainer to MLB’s elite

The versatility and application of Proteus makes it one of the most powerful tools I have in my studio. An incredible teaching, training and testing tool in one machine, for all populations of clients.

Jason Walsh Trainer to Shaun White, celebrity actors

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